Children’s Author

I write nonfiction children’s books for the education market, focusing on beginning readers. As the author of hundreds of titles, I cover many science, geography and social studies topics. I also write educational fiction books. I’ve written for Scholastic, Amicus, Bearport, Bellwether, Capstone, Heinemann, Jump!, Lerner and Rourke.

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Feature Writer

As a seasoned writer with two decades of experience, I write features, news articles and consumer content for daily newspapers, news magazines and health care organizations. My recent work includes personality profiles, lifestyle articles and philanthropy-related communications.

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About Me

When I was little, I loved the word tuxedo. Tuxedo, tuxedo. It was like a funny little song I’d sing over and over.

My love of tuxedo and other words later compelled me to spend winter breaks studying for school spelling bees. I remember the excitement of winning the fifth-grade bee by successfully spelling lion and the disappointment of not winning the sixth-grade contest because I spelled effect instead of affect. Always listen to how the word is used in a sentence, I learned.

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